Samstag, 23. September 2017

Weshalb Grundschüler lernen sollten, Kreuzworträtsel zu lösen

und weshalb das bei französischen Schülern nichts bringt.

"The clues have been there for more than a century but finally medical science has caught up with reality: cruciverbalism is good for you. Crosswords ward off Alzheimer’s, improve lateral thinking, patience and numeracy. They save marriages, extend life-expectancy and win wars. They are also peculiarly British, not to mention cheap. The discovery that older people who do the occasional crossword have a cognitive age about ten years younger than those who do not offers an opportunity for a long-overdue educational innovation. [...]
The British cryptic crossword is a daily tussle between setter and solver, the deployment of an endlessly malleable language to baffle and bamboozle. [...]
It is supposedly impossible to construct a properly cryptic crossword in French. ... [...]

sieh Times vom 29.7.2017

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